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SarA Riis

Brand Leadership

The Creator of  LEGO’s global brand strategy

I am the creator of LEGO’s global brand strategy and I draw on experience from positions at De Beers, Carlsberg and Giorgio Armani.


I have been part of making LEGO the World’s most powerful brand. For seven years, I was the Global Director of Brand Development at LEGO responsible for driving the toy company’s successful brand across Europe, the US and Asia. 

I have driven several iconic brand campaigns and brand activations acrossthe World – many of these are award winning. 


When I began working for LEGO there was not a strategy or a dedicated department working on the brand. I managed to secure branding became strategically and creatively intertwined. Today, Brand Development plays a key part of all core marketing processes at LEGO. 

In an industry where diamond brands take a similar approach to branding, I have been responsible for taking the World’s leading diamond brand, De Beers, on a transformational change management journey moving from a conservative mindset to an always-on social approach. 


As part of a CSR project, I was also fortunate to travel to Africa to drive the biggest elephant translocation in history i.e. moving 200 elephants from South Africa to Mozambique. 

From Hong Kong to London, from New York to Shanghai, I offer keynotes to private companies and public events. I have been a keynote speaker to thousands of people across some 14 countries. 


I have spoken at companies as diverse as Burberry, Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook and many others. My style is inspiring, insightful and fast-paced – yet grounded in strong expert knowledge. I am consistently ranked in the top 5% of all keynote speakers at the events I attend.


Most popular keynote topics:

  • Building a Brand. Brick by Brick. 

  • “Hygge”

  • Global Marketing 

  • Visual Identity Development

  • Compelling CSR stories

  • The Future of Retail 

  • Gender Marketing

  • Luxury Branding

  • Scandinavian Leadership

Do you need a powerful brand consultant with expertise from renowned brands like LEGO, Carlsberg and De Beers? I am renowned for the advice and counsel I provide brands globally on how to realize their true potential. 


Let’s say you’re creating an entirely new brand or managing a brand through a major transformation. Perhaps you are faced with a tough co-branding challenge. Or you’ve found yourself lost in the dust of analogue brands. Whatever the challenge, I can provide advice, consultancy or set up engaging workshops to transform brands. 


Due to the nature of my work, I am used to engage diverse stakeholders ranging from top executives to local managers.




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